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Flowers have become universal symbols of emotions. Whenever there is a special occasion, people buy flowers to celebrate or to let someone know that they are special. People, especially men, say with flowers what they cannot say with their lips.
Unbeknownst to many, the kind of flowers that you give to actually have meaning. Your Valentine?s gift for instance of red roses conveyed the message right for it means ?I love you.? Other flowers convey different meanings. Here are some of the more popular ones and messages that each kind gives. Read on and find out what to give your loved one the next time you buy a bouquet.
Acacia (Yellow) – Secret Love
Amaryllis ? describes the perfect woman, beautiful, timid and proud
Ambrosia ? means love being returned
Basil ? be careful when giving this flower as it conveys hatred
Bluebell ? as it means humility, bluebells is a wonderful gift when saying sorry
Buttercup- conveys riches, not only of material things but of emotions
Camellia ? means perfect loveliness and gratitude, which would be a wonderful thank you gift. Red camellia expresses excellence while the pink variety means extraordinary loveliness
Carnation ? means pure, deep love. The red ones expresses passion, the white ones, sweetness and good luck and the pink one, being always on the mind
Chrysanthemum- this has quite a range of meanings depending on the color. White represents truth while red conveys love. Yellow Chrysanthemums have a negative meaning, slighted love.
Cornflower ? represents delicacy
Daffodil ? means respect for a person and hope
Dahlia ? represents elegance and dignity
Daisy ? this yellow flower symbolizes loyal love and innocence
Daphne ? represents fame and glory
Edelweiss ? signifies daring noble courage
Fern ? conveys fascination and sincerity
Forget-me-not ? quite literally means do not forget me. It also signifies faithful love and good memories
Gardenia – represents refinement of actions
Hawthorn ? conveys hope
Holly ? a great gift for wives and even husbands as the flower represents domestic happiness
Honeysuckle ? signifies happiness
Hyacinth ? When you want to say sorry, send this as it means ?forgive me?
Honeysuckle ? another type of flower that conveys generous and devoted affection and happiness with a person.
Ivy- means lasting fidelity, fidelity and even marriage
Iris – wisdom, faith and hope
Jasmine ? tells the person that you are giving them to that she has grace and elegance. White Jasmine represents amiability
Jonquil ? If you return the affection, send this kind of flower
Lavender ? conveys constancy
Lilac ? the white variety represents youthful innocence while the purple one signifies first love
Lily of the Valley ? symbolizes beauty, gaiety, and happiness
Magnolia ? represents nobility of spirit
Marigold ? has negative meanings: grief and discontent
Mistletoe ? perhaps the reason why mistletoes are quite notorious during Christmas as it means ?kiss me?
Morning Glory ? represents leaving or departure with affection
Orange Blossom ? which is often used in wedding bouquets, symbolizes chastity and eternal Love
Orchid ? collectively, orchids represent magnificence, love, beauty, and refinement
Pansies ? means consideration
Periwinkle ? Blue periwinkle means early friendship while the white one represents harmony
Poppy ? this really popular flower have different meanings for its different colors. The oriental one means silence while the red represents consolation. The white symbolizes tranquility and Consolation while the yellow represents wealth and success.
Primrose ? though quite beautiful, primroses have negative meanings. Generally, it conveys the message ?I cannot be with you.? The evening primrose represents inconstancy.
Rose ? though rose will generally mean ?I Love You,? each color conveys a meaning. White, for instance, expresses purity and innocence, yellow, friendship, pink happiness and red, love and passion. Even rosebuds have meaning, innocence and purity.

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