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You may own a remarkably constructed, attractive house that is perfect from every angle. The outside of the house is designed to demand a second look from anyone passing by. So it?s important that people know the name of the particularly well-constructed house. Also anyone visiting the house should easily be able to locate it hence putting up your house name or street address in a legible and presentable manner is of utmost importance.
Among the commonplace options available for choosing the type of house sign or plaque for the house is a metal sign that might rust after sometime or the wooden signs that could crumble and become illegible. Therefore a solid everlasting piece of stone to display the name of one?s house is essential. Our handpicked stones express a lavish, individual view about the house and provide a high-quality first hand _expression of the owner.
The natural unpolished stones are perfectly resistant towards any type of corrosion or decay that could occur in our lifetime. Once the desired inscription is engraved on the stone and is mounted on walls or the sides of the door or at any other place of owner?s choice it stands there with out any cause for concern. Unless some one intentionally removes the plaque or house sign from its place there is no need to worry about the sign. Another added advantage of slate signs is that it is almost maintenance free. It can stand all weathers and climatic condition with out getting damaged.
The house owner?s name and address written on a stone and slate plaque also gives an impression of the solid personality and individuality of the owner. Since the stones come in varying sizes, and shapes its very simple for anyone to find a plaque or freestanding stone to suit their individual tastes and preferences. Any design or text, as per the choice of the client can be inscribed on stones. The names and addresses along with any specific graphics can be engraved permanently on slate pieces. The wide variety of fonts is available for customers to choose the typeface that best suits their taste.
Lots of endeavor to get the finest quality of stones ensure that our clients get best available quality of the material. Also before inscribing finally on the slate, a proof reading of the artwork and chosen stone by the client makes sure that there are no problems after the job is done. Also the delivery service is very prompt so that there are no discrepancies later.
Adding to already existing qualities of a stone plaque is the fact that is comes at a very genuine price. The price tag of a slate house sign is set by the size of sign not the text engraved, although images may cost more and require artwork to copy, hence is easily affordable by anyone aspiring to give a smart look to the outside of their house.


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