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With Valentine?s day just around the corner, thoughts turn to romance. To set the right mood throughout the year, here are some simple decorating tips and a handful of extra special touches to dress your house. So whether you are planning a Valentine?s Day bash or some intimate time for two, check out these romantic ideas.
For lighting, that mood maker extraordinaire, consider changing your white light bulbs to pink (available in most grocery stores and 3-way too.) These cast a softer, gentle glow and will be sure to bring complements from those nearby. In fact, my favorite tale is from a client who mentioned that her husband commented almost daily for a week on how great she looked, and she never let him in on the secret of pink bulbs!
A collection of whimsical or more traditionally elegant angels, cherubs, and cupids can be delightfully fun to create. Consider printed pillows, woven throws, porcelain figurines, classic framed prints and the like. These can be gathered and dedicated in one room or creatively displayed throughout your home. They have a way of lifting one?s heart during a potentially dreary time of year, and reminding us of those closest to us.
Treat yourself to flowers. And, yes, do go beyond the grocery store! There are not only florists, but great sources on-line and in catalogues for a wealth of pretty posies. Top picks include Calyx and Corolla, 1-800-Flowers, Gardener?s Eden, Pick of the Crop in Alpharetta, and Meme?s in Roswell. While roses are the original symbol of romance, tulips in white, red, and pink or even a bouquet of carnations can brighten any room. Paperwhites and other bulbs will bring a welcome touch of Spring, as well. Consider using paper or silk flowers if live aren?t your bag.
For those with a sweet tooth there is always a treat for holiday munching. Consider well placed candy dishes, heart-shaped of course, in crystal, silver, or ceramic. Whether filled with chocolate kisses, or pastel melts, it adds a sense of festivity and sweetness to the season. Get the kids involved with baking special Valentine?s sugar cookies, heart shapes with pink and red sugar sprinkle topping to share with family and friends.
Honor those close to your heart. Choose favorite pictures of your children, spouse, significant other, or friends and group them in heart shaped frames. Or create a collage on cork board of the same pictures, in a heart shape with a ribbon border. You can even make your own frames by cutting out hearts from construction paper (red, of course) and taping or gluing pictures to each. These can be put on the refrigerator with magnets, or pinned to a bulletin board. They can even be strung on decorative yarn and hung on the mantel.
Stairrails, mantels, mirrors and more can all be festooned with ribbon in white, pink, and red, reflecting the heart of the holiday! Papier mache cupids and angels are now available in a variety of sizes and finishes (gold, silver, or unfinished) and can be perched strategically on newell posts, mantel corners, the top of cabinets and such.
If red, pink, and white aren?t your favorite colors, go with gold or silver, but do promote the sense of romance with sparkle and elegance. What makes you feel romantic?? These days the opportunities are endless, take advantage of the day and make it special.
2006 Melissa Galt

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