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To most people Christmas is a time for worship, for family, for celebration and for giving and receiving. However, to the shrewd business owner it is also the perfect time at which to cement the corporate relationship between them and their clients. It is the strength of this relationship that will ultimately determine how well your company does in the New Year. Sending a Christmas gift to your customers is a tried and tested method of ensuring client retention, however, it is of the utmost importance that you get it right. If you send something cheap and unprofessional it will give a poor impression of your company. Ironically, such a mistake could be worse than sending nothing at all. Moreover, if you send something that is too expensive then you will be unlikely to make the money back, even if you do succeed in retaining the customer. This article will give you advice on how to leave the best impression on your customers and therefore strengthen their loyalty to your brand, while ensuring that your gift makes economic sense.
You may be saying to yourself; ‘My competitors don’t send Christmas gifts to their clients, so why should I?’ You could be correct, your competitors may not send Christmas gifts to their customers. This, if anything, is a reason for you to start sending such gifts. It will give you the edge. Furthermore, if you are wrong and your competitors are sending gifts or they start doing so this year, it will reflect very badly on your business. Remember: your customers are people. They talk. If they receive a Christmas gift from you, it is very likely that they will tell their family and their friends how great your customer service is. Voila! By sending that gift you have not only ensured the retention of one customer, you have also earned yourself new ones. Even in this ultra modern age of televisual and web media, word of mouth is still one of the most effective forms of advertising.
Okay, so you are convinced of the benefits of sending corporate gift baskets to your clients but a question remains. What do you send? Isn’t a simple card enough? No. A card alone will be treated the same as all the other seasonal promotional material. It will be thrown in the trash. A Christmas gift basket such as those featured at Pro-Gift-Baskets.com is the perfect choice. It works well for both men and women of all interests. Such baskets are of extremely high quality and are entirely affordable for any business, big or small, leaving a very positive impression.
Christmas is indeed a time for giving and receiving. Give your customers a simple, professional, affordable Christmas gift basket and you will receive their custom in the years to come.


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