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You can search the newspapers and the internet and find an abundance of information on home buying and selling. A multitude of professionals will offer you advice on mortgage products and preparing your home for sale. Where can one find information on preparing yourself and your family emotionally for the move? Planning ahead emotionally may be the key to a painless and perhaps, pleasurable move.
Understand the Market: It is hard to miss all the media attention on the Real Estate market. Newscasters and analysts looking into the proverbial crystal ball to predict market trends can be confusing. Rely on reputable sources and seek the advice of a Licensed Realtor. A good Real Estate agent will educate you and help with expectation setting.
Price Your Home Correctly: Herein lies the key to your emotional well-being. If you price your home appropriately you will sell it. If you price your home based on emotion or what Mr. & Mrs. Smith told you they received for their home, you will sit with an over priced property for a very long time.
Hire a Licensed Real Estate Agent: Interview agents in your area. Your agent should be knowledgeable of the area, able to appropriately market your home to get you the maximum exposure but also should be someone you can talk to. Your agent will handle all showings of your home and work to get you the best price for your home. Find someone you feel comfortable with.
Research the area you are moving to: Aside looking into the school district, local government etc, also check out restaurants, shopping centers, social clubs and town events. Knowing where you can find all your creature comforts is the key to feeling at home.
Moving is a Family Event: Family discussion and involving children in the home shopping and moving can help ease the transition. When children fell they are part of the moving process, they typically feel better about the move overall.
Accept that the home you are moving into will be different: You made your home special! All of the improvements and unique features where most probably done by you. Just like you made your current home appealing, you will do the same in your new abode.
Quality vs. Quantity: Particularly for the people looking to down size or ?go condo?. Right now you have many bedrooms, lots of living space, a yard and a private driveway. It becomes hard to justify spending a good portion of what your current home is worth to purchase a condo or co-op. However, you will no longer have the worries of property maintenance. You can sit back and enjoy your new space (and often the many amenities that are included in a development) while someone else does the work. Besides, you really do not need five bedrooms anymore!
Educating yourself, open family discussion and the help of a competent professional may be all the Real Estate therapy you need. Good Luck and Congratulations on your move.

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