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Rayburn cookers have been popular with people for over five decades now. They are regularly used by expert cooks, professionals and amateurs invariably, providing them with immense satisfaction while cooking food.
Rayburn cookers can be used as easily as conventional cookers. But there are several options open to you while using Rayburn cookers, which give much better results than conventional cookers. While making your favourite dishes you can try different techniques to make your dishes more delicious. In any case, you get a new recipe book with each Rayburn cooker you buy. Rayburn cookers definitely hold an edge over conventional cookers when it comes to results and functioning. Rayburn cookers give you more flexibility and better control while cooking. Lager models would also provide you with hot water and central heating. Besides, Twin burner Rapid Response model is exceptionally fast to heat up, giving roasting oven temperatures in about 30 minutes.
Anyway, it is not always necessary to run central heating in Rayburn cookers. You will find that two different burners for heating and cooking in a twin burner model. There is also a model that comes with an electronic timer so that you can set the heating and cooking burner to turn on on its own, when you are about to come back home. All Rayburn cooker models come in all fuel types, depending on the requirement of the customer. Rayburn cookers provide high-heat cooking which quickly brings out the best in vegetables. They also roast gently and are known for their exceptional baking.
Rayburn cookers are authentic range cookers because of the indirect heat technology that they use. It is known as the `kind-to-food` heat because rather than allowing food to dry out, it blocks in the flavours and natural juices, thus making healthier, more sumptuous dishes.
However, the major attraction of Rayburn cookers is its beautiful enamel exterior which adds to the beauty of your kitchen. They are widely known for their reliability and efficiency, which cannot be doubted. Renowned for their design, Rayburn cookers are also hand built by craftsmen.
Around the country thousands of homes depend upon the Rayburn for central heating, domestic hot water and cooking. With its all round abilities and utilities, it is a hot favourite and surely a must on your shopping list in case you do not have one.

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