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The bathroom isn?t like any other room in the house; it needs to be cleaned to a certain standard to maintain hygiene. But it doesn?t necessarily have to take an eternity. In this Quick Smart Cleaning guide we can show how get that bathroom clean in fifteen minutes.
Bathroom Cleaning Supplies
First of all let?s grab the supplies. It’s important to have these together before you start. This will mean there is less chance that you will get diverted from doing the job in hand by having to run back and forth, collecting your cleaning products.
Here’s what you’ll need:

A bag or basket for any non-bathroom items
a brush and mop
laundry basket
a bin
disinfectant wipes
glass cleaner and cloth
toiler cleaner and brush.

OK, let?s get started!
Grab the laundry basket and put all the dirty washing in the basket: that?s it, pile it all in there. Next, put any litter lying around inside the litterbin. I bet it?s starting to look much tidier already!
Using the disinfectant wipes, wipe down the sink and bath tubs. Try to spend a little more time on the sink to make it presentable. The toilet is next. Using the toiler brush and cleaner, scrub inside the toilet bowl. If this is done on a regular basis it really shouldn?t need much more maintaining. Use the disinfectant wipes to wipe around the outside of the toilet.
If you have any glass in your bathroom take the glass cleaner and cloth and wipe it down, spend a little time to make sure you haven?t left any streaks!
Put any non-bathroom items into the bag or basket and return them to their proper places. You can then sweep and mop the floor. With bathrooms normally being the smallest room in the house this shouldn?t take too long.
We?re done again! Now did it take anymore than fifteen minutes? Probably not. Remember if you make these steps part of a routine maintenance for your bathroom each clean up will go a lot faster.


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