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Today in the U.K most households have uPVC double glazing. There is a huge shortage of spare parts when it comes to replacing broken hinges, handles, locks, letterboxes and other hardware items. In fact many homeowners now replace whole windows or doors for the sake of a broken lock. Not any more!!!
It is an amazing fact that uPVC double glazing was sold by the industry as a maintenance free product. While it is true the uPVC frame will last approximately 10,000 years before degrading, the mild steal and cast Zink moving hardware parts will last an average of 10 years before they start to fail.
The problem with window company guarantees:

Many window companies have gone out of business leaving the guarantees worthless,
Most guarantees last about 10 years so end just when you need them,
The guarantee in most cases only covers the hardware for 12 months and the uPVC for 10 years.

I have known people who already have uPVC windows and doors getting them ripped out and replaced with uPVC again at a cost of thousands of pounds because the hardware is starting to fail. This is like scrapping your car because it needs new spark plugs and a couple of new tyres.
Why do people do this??
The answer is simple.
The home owner calls out uPVC window and door installers who only want to install a new window or door and will convince them it is un-repairable. Even if they wanted to repair it they wouldn’t know where to get the parts. You see window companies for instance will use 2 or 3 different types of locks on their doors while there are at least 140 different types.
I am a director of a company called “Safe n Sound LTD” set up to keep your existing uPVC windows and doors working by supplying the hardware spare parts required. On our website we have 144 different types of door locks alone for sale. We can supply most hardware parts used over the years by most window companies in the U.K. You can view photos and technical drawings of product and read through descriptions to make sure you purchase the correct item. We accept all major credit cards/debit cards online and many goods will be despatched same day or next day.
The website address is http://www.safensoundltd.com/

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