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A wet basement can quickly develop into a complete disaster. Many maintenance systems are installed in the basement. These systems generate moisture leading to potential water related problems. A periodic inspection will provide accurate indications for a water problem somewhere else in your home and can help preventing a much bigger damage.
Heating and Air Conditioning System
HVAC systems must be regularly inspected if located in the basement. Check the drain pans and remove debris to allow it to flow. Do not overlook the filters and replace when needed. When inspecting the HVAC, take a close look at the ductwork. Deteriorating insulations must be treated and sealed.
Ceiling and Walls
Moisture walls are a red flag for a water problem in the basement and may be a hint for internal leaks. Take a look at the walls and search for stains. If visible, follow the trails to locate the source of the problem and fix it. Even the smallest sign for a leak in the basement must be treated promptly.
A common problem is pipes condensations caused by pipes sweating. This problem promotes mold and corrosion if ignored. To reduce condensation, consider installing insulating on all pipes.
Sump Pumps
Sump pump assist in keeping unwanted water out of your basement. When checking the pump, make sure the outlet pipe is not clogged and that it directs water away from your home. Test the pump by filling the pit with water to make sure the pump is working. Check that the pump is running and that it is actually pumping out water. Clean the air hole in the discharge line. Make sure that the motor is running well and that there are no strange noises. If you own a battery operated pump, check the battery and replace when needed. Keep in mind that all problems must be fixed immediately.

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