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Ever heard the saying ?women want babies, men want power tools!? ? it?s true. Most men would trade their remote controls just to have the coolest and most technologically advanced power tools there are in the market. in fact, I know of one man who would instantly trade his car in just to have the Bosch 1? SDS-plus BullDog Xtreme Rotary Hammer. BullDog Xtreme seems to have stolen the limelight from many other equally cool power tools from other power tool manufacturers. Even brands under the same power tool manufacturer dimmed in light of the launching of BullDog Xtreme.
Not to mention, some men happen to think that the Dewalt DW723 Miter Saw and the power tool stand are the best creation of man ever since beer was invented! A power tool like the Dewalt DW723 needs a sturdy stand that is versatile, stable and complete.
If you?re looking for a power tool like a drill that will fit into little nooks and crannies, let us tell you that the Panasonic 15.6 Volt drill/driver has been receiving rave reviews from the consumers. The batteries for this power tool can last a remarkably long time. The motor for this power tool is so versatile that it packs up to 390 inch-pounds of torque. It?s hard to find another power tool to match that, frankly speaking.
Speaking of drilling, for power tools addicts, you?ve just got to get the Paslode 900420X IM350-CT Impulse Cordless Framing Nailer. The Contractor?s Performance Pack comes with extra batteries, tools for charging the nailer in your car, 2 fuel cells, lube oil, degreaser cleaner and safety goggles too. This power tool pack is truly going to make your experience a very convenient one. Setting the power tool up is a no brainer and on top of that, this powerful power tool is extremely light ? weighing in at only 6.9 lbs. This power tool has an indicator light so that you?ll know when the battery is running low. The cycle rate rate is about 2 to 3 nails per second. Top performance power tool! With the Constructor?s Performance Pack, you don?t have to worry about running out of power because you can charge the power tool?s battery up and when one battery runs out, you can just stick the extra battery into the power tool and just keep on going.
For power tool lovers, you?ll also love the Makita 6347DQDE 18-Volt Cordless Driver-Drill kit. This power tool kit comes is a 2-speed driller that is as versatile as it comes. This power tool comes with 2-batteries (no extra charge), Phillips/slotted bit, charger and an Pack-and-Carry case. This power tool comes with 2 18-Volt Ni-MH batteries, therefore, you can expect a longer run time with this power tool. This power tool also comes with Industrial ?? keyless chuck with easy replacement of brushes.
Have fun with your power tools!


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