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The mattress market is seeing a dramatic shift in the way people are buying beds. More and more people are seeing that the right bed can play a key role in being well rested and ache free.
Consequently they are turning away from their conventional innerspring mattresses which create pressure points that cause tossing and turning in search of a better alternative. Tempurpedic has poured money into advertising their viscoelastic memory foam mattresses, fueling interest in spring free mattresses.
People who are allured by the intrigue of the ?space foam? are often unfulfilled by the lifeless feel of memory foam, and begin searching in a new direction. As a result latex mattress makers are experiencing a substantial boom in sales.
Latex international, the top US manufacturer of latex mattress components and latex pillows, is currently generating sales around $80 million a year showing an average increase of approximately 30 percent a year since 2001. With high end mattresses showing an industry average increase of roughly 20 percent, latex mattress producers are ahead of the curve.
This astounding and steady increase in sales is not because of some ingenious new marketing scheme, it simply reflects the consumer response to a quality product. Latex mattresses provide a sleeping surface that relieves pressure points better than memory foam.
They are naturally dust mite resistant and anti microbial, which makes an incredible difference to people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Unlike other mattresses on the market today latex mattresses are biodegradable, and are made from natural, sustainable resources. With an average life span of 20 years, nearly twice those of other beds, latex mattresses outlast the competition.
Looking to the future this trend has no end in sight. With the price of polyurethane foam recently jumping a whopping 55% due to factory closures, the margin between premium latex mattresses and other mattresses narrows giving latex the clear advantage.

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