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1. Your Question:
Help Dave, I’ve googled for days and finally found you. I have a hard bottom, metal sided, formerly lined pool which has fallen into disrepair due to college bills. I would like to convert it to a garden pond/swimming pond, whatever. I am intrigued by the idea of going natural. The pool is rectangular, 18×36 with wide steps at the shallow end. The decking is reinforced concrete. We really miss the pool which got lots of use when the kids were young. We might be happy to fill in part of it to plant in and leave part for a misty fountain or koi pond. I wish however that we could still take a dip. My husband and I are older and not so active, but our “kids” are still not out of the house and would enjoy some water in the summer. Can you advise us? My attempts to get a pool guy to help have not been satisfactory, although for a million dollars one can get anything one wants, and unfortunately we are retired school teachers(ie not millionaires) who are still paying tuition. DIY sites? Suggestions? e.mail advice? Help would really help. We can afford a reasonable amount of money and the present condition is making our house look lousy.
My Reply:
Hi there Karen.
It sounds like you’ve got a project on your hands, but a potentially exciting one. A naturally filtered pool is definetely the way to go.
Is there a way to build a retaining wall in the pool basin to add a ‘regenerative zone’ or planted gravel bed? See my ‘swimming pond’ page for a diagram. If so you will need to redirct plumbing to percolate up through the gravel with oxygen, see ‘easy pond aerator’. If not how about a conversion style filter as seen on my ‘pool conversion’ page?
Be sure to research everything I have to offer on Pond-Doctor-Dave.com it should fill in alot of the blank spots in your design ideas.
If you want fish you more than likely will need to be okay swimming with them. It is difficult to seperate them from where you want to swim.
Best I can say is go for it! Nothing is set in stone if you have any problems they can be worked out. There is an answer to every problem.
Be sure to keep me updated and I will gladly answer any questions you have as you move along.
2. Your Question:
Pressure Reqiured To Pump Water Straight Up 8″I.D X 40ft
My Reply:
Hi there Mike.
You’re going to need at least 40′ of head pressure, plus the depth of the pond, in combination with the GPM you desire. See: http://www.pond-doctor-dave.com/waterfall-pump.html
3. Your Question:
Hi Dave, I have a natural rock face as my backyard fence, at the bottom of the rock at the end of my patio is an area in which I would like to build up to make a pond and have the water running into down the rock face, how do you suggest I do this kind? regards Lynne
My Reply:
Hi there Lynne.
If you can dig out below the rock face to install a liner, cement and seal the lip of the liner at the base of the rock. Otherwise don’t use any more concrete than you need. Use natural stone to pile on the other edges to secure the liner and for the ‘look’.
You will need to devise a way to run flex pipe up and around your rock face and hide it somehow.
See: http://www.pond-doctor-dave.com/waterfall-pump.html and be sure to research pond-doctor-dave thouroughly to get the whole picture before you proceed.
It sound like a great project keep me updated.

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