Title: SCAM? Do all those income opportunities out there work or not?

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If you want to find out whether they are SCAM or not read my article, and you will also get information of value.

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Well, first of all just let me introduce myself, my name is German Alcaniz. With only 25 years old I have been able to try a few of these and I can tell that as everything in life, there are ones that don?t work and the only thing they do is to take your money and run; others that take your money, and you don?t make a dime as the ones who earn the real money are the ones at the top.

There are, however, other opportunities that you pay to get involved and you actually earn money although not enough; but certainly there are the ones that we all look for that are the real deal, those that when you read the websites, you know that they are talking for real and that what they say it is truly out there, MONEY. The income opportunity where you are able to earn lots of money.

There is always a catch though? Yes, there is.

Do you want to know what the catch is?

Very simple, don?t expect to earn money without moving a finger. If you want to really make money in these things you will have to work, probably as hard as you do in your job. But the best thing is that you will end up being paid more than in your current job.

Let me put it this way, money doesn?t come easy in this life, and that is something that everyone knows, but in some places it comes easier than in others. It?s not all about hard work, but you also have to work it smart too.

There is a fact here which is that many, or I should say the majority of them, claim that when you sign up you won?t have to sell. And I just laugh at it, of course after trying a few of them that actually said that. Maybe you won?t sell as: ?Hey, here is your product, it?s 19.99?, but you definitely you end up asking for money as all this companies are based on bringing other people to the business, but to come to the actual business you?ll have to pay?.and who asks for this money?? It is YOU! And for me, having to pick up the phone or having to go to someone?s house to make them sign a form and asking them for money, this is selling!

What is the problem with this? Well, because of this reason, more than 95% of the people who starts a home based business fails. Nobody likes to sell.

Therefore, some companies have tried to make their business as much automatic as possible adding call centres where you can send the people to them and they actually close the sale for you. This system is actually fantastic as it avoids the pain of rejection and all those fears we all feel when trying to sell.

My advice to you, look carefully the company you are about to join and decide wisely. But think that there is a big amount of money to be made out there.

Good Luck to you!!

Ps.: The company I represent now, is called Coastal Vacations and it provides you with this system of Call Centre where they do all the work for you except advertising (not all the directors within the company will offer you this possibility).

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