Title: Safety tips when you shop online – II

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You should always know how to come out from any problems after you make a purchase online.

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After you make a purchase the most common complaints as reported by online shoppers is delivery problems. It may happen that your purchase takes weeks to turn up or arrive to you in a damaged condition or even do not arrive at all.

So as a measure of precaution you should make sure that your item is in stock and check the expected delivery time before you complete your transaction. Most of the good retailers notify their buyers through emails as soon as they receive your order and also when the item is being shipped or in case there are any problems or hold ups involved.

Late Delivery ? If your purchased item doesn?t arrives on time you should contact the retailer to check the status of your order and if you plan to cancel it then you should find out whether they have already charged you for it because some companies process your payment before the item has been shipped and as such you are entitled to a refund.

No Delivery ? It is also possible that your product never arrives to you and therefore you should put your complaint for this in writing and try to contact the retailer directly through telephone or the concerned person if necessary. You should claim for a refund and if the problems continue you can even file a complaint with the department of fair trading or consumer protection in your state.

Before you make your purchase you should check all the terms and conditions including delivery costs, your item?s in stock, whether you are entitled to refunds or repairs or if the company accepts returns or cancellations.

You should always maintain your privacy and therefore check the privacy policy of the websites even of those that are not shopping sites. Many websites collect information about you using cookies. Therefore while you provide personal details in order to access a site or make a purchase you should consider about the information you pass away. You should avoid revealing your personal information and in case you plan to use your credit card online, you should check what the company does with your banking details after you make a purchase.

For these same reasons you should keep the receipts and invoices with you to keep track of the online transactions. A good website will send you an email confirmation of your transaction as well as provide you with an opportunity to print your order.

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