Title: Rustic Home Decor – The Return to Nature

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The hustle and bustle of the city life makes many people yearn for the comforts of country living. Although you may not be able to relocate your home to the country, you’ll soon find out that with rustic decor you can take the country to your home.

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One reporter asked a great traveler, “Of all the countries and historic places you visited, what did you find to be the most comfortable place to live in?” In a split second the answer came, “the country side where I spent my childhood.”

Such is the influence that rustic symbols and themes have in many people’s minds. Memories of rustic symbols are deep rooted in everybody’s life. Rustic living imparts comfort, melodious feelings and sometimes even homesickness when forced to live within the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Faced with complex problems, multi-facial engagements, tight schedules, technological advancements and life’s complexities constantly bombarding us, many peoples’ schedules are become crazy nowadays. Simplicity becomes required somewhere within these chaotic lifestyles to provide relaxation. With its nourishing charm, a country-themed home can create this type of comfortable retreat for any family. The rustic decorating style is a key ingredient for this type of house.

When we walk through the front door of a rustic home we feel as if we are walking into a country home. The decor could incorporate a variety of accessories such as country candles, wicker baskets, pillows, berry garlands, wooden shelves and benches and anything else that arouses the memories of a more laid-back time.
Furniture of natural woods with country colors is an integrated part of rustic d?cor. Pressed tin panels, jelly cabinets, pie safes and long wooden shelves imparts rustic atmosphere to any home.

Rustic d?cor may at first appear relatively basic, but it can be deceptively challenging to properly achieve. Although country d?cor should appear simple, some time is required for careful planning and artistic outlook.

Luckily the items and materials needed for rustic decor are easily available. Local materials are all we need to re-create our dream. Rustic tiles, for starters, come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges. What we want is the imagination and artistic talent to arrange it to promote that rustic feeling. We can go for country-style tiles, pebbles, standard bricks and mortar and natural materials. Whatever the material we decide to choose, and no matter how rustic the materials are, they should be arranged properly to give the required effects.

Specially-cast iron used in iron furnishings, window and door grates, etc. is another key ingredient for giving a rustic appearance. Arches, fireplaces, planter boxes and other interior features are key ingredients in imparting that rustic look.

Handcrafted materials can be perfect exhibitions of a rustic nature, particularly high quality rustic collections created by artisans. Handcrafted pieces each have their own unique character, which is the very essence of rustic d?cor.
Plants and living things are an integral part of rustic decorations. The bonsai trees, Jasmines, oranges and pine trees add to rustic atmosphere, plus the aroma they impart and the freshness of the air refreshes the soul.

Water is also a key feature for rustic decoration. Beautifully tiled fountains provide any room the gentle sounds of flowing water, lending a perfect audible presence to your rustic atmosphere.

It really doesn’t matter where you live or how you choose to arrange your rustic furnishings ? country-themed d?cor can and does work in the interior of any home. And with that rustic d?cor will come a sense of comfort as well as a feeling of being closer to nature? a feeling that many of us have lost in the mix of the city life.

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