Title: Rustic Furniture: The Heart of America

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Created from wood that is unfinished or that has a rough finish, rustic furniture is treasured by those who love a “country” theme.

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Rustic furniture is known for its simplistic beauty. Created from wood that is unfinished or that has a rough finish, rustic furniture is treasured by those who love a “country” theme. Rustic furniture includes beautiful pine log cabins as well as the “rustic style” furniture that graces many homes, hotels, and cabins today.

Whether it is a log cabin that is nestled in the heart of the Carolinas, or a beautiful sculptured and reworked piece of rustic barn furniture, this style appeals to those who love the wholesome beauty of nature, country, and desire to surround themselves with these pieces. Nothing says America better than beautiful handmade rustic furniture and its popularity is vast. Many modern homes have come to include some rustic elements to their decorating scheme as well as those who wouldn?t trade one step of a rustic staircase for an entire home furnished with contemporary d?cor. Maybe the allure rests in the fact that long before the building materials that we frequently use today, existed, many homes and furniture pieces were hand carved from beautiful wood logs. Every inch of a detailed chair, railing, bureau, or bed frame was expertly crafted with simple materials, but with such detail that the beauty was evident to all.

Today, rustic furniture still holds that appeal. From log cabins to meticulously carved furniture pieces, rustic reminds us of the heart of America.

Rustic Furniture: The Combination of Form and Function

Rustic furniture reminds us of the pioneering spirit that first created these beautiful pieces. Combining both form and function, not only is rustic furniture cherished for its natural charm, but also for it?s ability to create beautiful form and functional furniture with primitive methods, tools, and materials. Today’s rustic furniture may keep to the patterns of building techniques used in the past, or it may be enhanced by using some of today?s more modern styling. The choice is yours. You can choose for very simple hand crafted rustic furniture pieces, or items that have been adorned with more modern tools, hardware, and finishes.

Rustic Furniture and Decorating Themes

The beauty of rustic furniture is far reaching, and this style is appropriate for many different themes. For example, when decorating with a country and western style, rustic furniture is essential. You can use any Native American or Country Western piece and anything that is classified as rustic furniture will enhance and compliment your decorating theme. Another great alternative is that when choosing rustic furniture and themes, you don?t have to commit your entire house to a rustic look. You can add a few pieces here and there, or even choose to decorate a room or two with a rustic theme. Since the rustic look combines the beauty of wood, you can accentuate many pieces such as mirrors, bookcases, and tables with rustic charm and grace simply by adding accessories such as flowers, twigs, and other natural items.

The rustic look is a perfect choice when opting to decorate an outside patio or lanai. No matter where you choose to showcase your rustic furniture, you will love the country look and grace of your newly decorated room.

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