Title: Rich Jerk TV Infomercial Review And 3 Day Action Plan

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The Rich Jerk took the Internet by storm in 2005. His ebook was a number one seller for months! Now that the Rich Jerk has his very own TV infomercial, what can buyers expect and how should they use the Rich Jerk’s course to make money online?

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If you’ve been on the Internet anytime in the last six months, you’ve seen an advertisement for the Rich Jerk’s ebook. But now he’s taken his course to a whole different level! He’s promoting his bestseller in paperback along with a CD-ROM that’s full of all sorts of goodies, a Rich Jerk optimized web site, and Rich Jerk Web Hosting!

The Rich Jerk really gives you an online business that is completely ready to make you money in no time. However, before you buy the Rich Jerk course at http://www.TheRichJerkTV.com you need to know about the biggest scam on the Internet.
You see, the biggest problem with the Rich Jerk isn’t the information in the course. In fact, it’s really good stuff that’s crucial to your online success. The biggest problem is that the Rich Jerk can only give you the information… he can’t actually come to your house and twist your arm. You have to decide to put his teachings to work for you.

So before you go out and buy the Rich Jerk’s course, let’s go over how you’re going to use his course to maximize your action plan.

First of all, don’t quit your day job just yet. So many people decide that they want to make money online and then on a whim, they quit their day job. This only leads to unnecessary stress in your life that will hinder your concentration.
Instead, keep your day job for a bit longer. Just take an hour or so in the evenings (or whenever you’re not working) and implement one of the strategies that he teaches. They’re all pretty simple once he spells it out in front of you. Soon, you’ll find yourself making as much online using Rich Jerk’s techniques as you are with your job. Then the decision will be obvious.

The second thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t want to overload your brain with new information. As an Internet Marketer for over 3 years now, I know how commissions are passed around on the Internet and I know how to think in terms of positioning myself in front of the commissions. I know how information is shared and how it travels from one source to the next.
I also know how to find new markets, see what they want to buy, run an advertising campaign properly, and profit from it. But for a new person, this may be a difficult concept to grasp in the beginning.
So when you first get the Rich Jerk course in your hands, grab a notebook to jot down ideas that pop in your head – remember, anything goes! Don’t hold back here! You want to write down all of your ideas on paper.?

I suggest you go through the entire course with out implementing any of the techniques that he discusses. You’re basically reading through it once just to see what sticks. That way you’ll know where your interests are and have a better idea of how you can get started using them.?

Then, a day or two after you’ve read the Rich Jerk and expanded on your own ideas in the notebook, go back through the Rich Jerk course again and review what you’ve learned. Again, you want to write down your ideas in your notebook.?

By the third day, you should be ready to start putting your ideas in to action. Go ahead and get on the internet and look at some of the websites that he mentions. See if you can figure out how that website owner is making money from his visitors and how it relates to what RichJerk teaches in his course. Many websites make money even if the visitor never buys anything! Others create their own products that sell like crazy… and some sell other people’s products!

The RichJerk shows you how to do all of this and more to put lots of money in your pocket. He really knows his stuff and that’s why he’s been able to take his course to TV viewers in the form of an infomercial. His course has become a success both offline and online and he really is changing the way people think about making money online.??

I strongly suggest you take a look at what the Rich Jerk offers and if you don’t like it after you buy it, just ask for a refund.?It’s really as simple as that. Personally, I’m the type of person that would regret not spending a few measly bucks on a course that has changed the lives of so many people, simply because I wasn’t sure if it would really help me or not.

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