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The use of rustic lighting in interior design is often overlooked, considered by popular culture to be outdated. The truth is that rustic lighting is a simple way to give a space a warm charm and comfort that the more ornate or flashy pieces fail to provide.

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In recent years, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on modernization. This trend has affected nearly every aspect of every day life. Consider, for instance, the global domination of the cell phone industry, which feed newer, smaller, sleeker phones to the public on what seems like a weekly basis. Or perhaps the fashion trends that are a constantly changing part of a popular culture that has embraced the fast lane with nearly religious fervor.

These forces of ‘progress’ at work in society are seen in interior design as well. In this rush to the future, though, people tend to lose touch with concepts that have stood the test of time. The use of rustic lighting in interior design, for instance, is often overlooked. Although it may be seen by popular culture as outdated, rustic lighting is a simple way to give a space a warm charm.

This simplicity is, in fact, at the very core of the concept of rustic lighting. There is a lack of lavish materials or intricate designs in the fixtures, and the methods of lighting are generally fairly basic. So why would someone choose this lighting style over one that might by more complex or striking? Simple: the style is extremely approachable. A room that is lit with this style of lighting instantly seems much more welcoming than one which has a more modern feel to it. The room will draw people in and make them feel like they are at home.

There are a few reasons that a rustic lighting design lends such a cozy, homey atmosphere to a space. The first is the lighting fixtures themselves. Rustic fixtures are generally made from simple materials, such as copper, iron, and a mineral such as mica, or glass, either colored or clear. There is usually no gold or silver or fancy embellishment. While this may reduce the wow factor of a space, it also makes the space very easily related to. An area decked out with more fancy lighting may be a remarkable sight to behold, but in the end, when the initial impressive feeling wears off, it can often make people feel out of place.

The second reason that rustic lighting makes a space more welcoming is the light itself. As mentioned above, many fixtures in this style use mica or colored glass. This gives the light in the room a tint, which will go a remarkably long way to change the atmosphere of an area. Mica, for instance, has a rusty orange-brown color, which, when light filters through it, will give a room an earthy, warm tone reminiscent of the tone of a sunset or a fireplace. People naturally feel a sense of warmth and safety from these tones of light.

This principal, however, also means that rustic lighting is not the right choice for every space. The design and coloration of the room has to be compatible with the fixtures and the light itself if it is tinted, or you will end up with a space that is the opposite of what you had set out to achieve, in that the clash of colors or styles will make your room feel awkward rather than welcoming.

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