Title: Police Force – STABBED In The Back

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What barrier holds our police force from taking on the role they are paid to do. Life is about living so live it to the full

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Police force – Have you ever heard that saying -Take the law into your own hands – well how very true are those words that are spoken especially if you are looking to nail a criminal.

Here in the UK, and what with today`s society as it is, we are advised not to approach the intruder in the home or argue with a mugger if accosted – well this all makes sense – but what does not make sense is, if we do not do the job ourselves then who will. If we had more law enforcement (police force) on the streets then crime prevention may uphold. We need more Bobbies on the beat to ensure our safety on the streets that we fear to tread.

However in saying that – give our police force their due – they have been running an awareness campaign on offensive weapons. 0ver the last couple of months an amnesty was issued for people to surrender in their knives, and the outcome of this campaign as the police force stated – was a proven a success. What a whole load of codswollop, try telling that to the poor unfortunate victim who lies bleeding in a pool of blood after being stabbed in the back for reasons that remain a mystery – slain by those who refused to give up their killing device.

What is it coming to when our police force have to rely upon asking for guns and knives. In contrast weapons as such should be taken from the hands of all perpetrators who maim and kill. What is the point of a police force we ask ourselves while we total up the number of bodies that lie on a cold mortuary slab?

It is because of our government – that our police force hands are tied. Certain restrictions and limitations have been imposed due to government spending (money) therefore less street patrols. Without more policing on the street then there is no safe guarantee that you may reach pension age.

Talking of money – if law and order was upheld by our police force then what would be the point of daily newspapers, for example no snippet or bulletins on abduction, a paedophile ring being busted or the reading of a rape or murder. All these penny pulling stories would be near to non existent headlines – should the police take charge of their position (Crime Prevention)

Our government needs to address this matter on a more serious note. Why are our police force fully kitted out with crime prevention objects and safety clothing like a bullet proof vest, gun, and knock out sprays, only to find themselves sitting behind a desk answering 999 calls of which they fail to attend on time because of the mounting paperwork.

The next headline you read in your daily newspaper will read, as long as those desks act as a barrier preventing the policeman from doing his job – then the criminal on the street will always roam free.

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